Creating Virtual Business Solutions and Coaching Women on How to Start a Small Business!

Got a “to do” list you need help with? Desiring a work-life balance so you can spend more time with your family and what really matters? Whether you are a business owner or would like to create your own small business, that is where I can help!

my mission

I’m an Entrepreneur at heart with a passion for helping others run or start a business.

I love helping others see a bigger vision for themselves, the company they run or the business they want to start.

Virtual Assistant Services

Let me handle the busyness

Are you a business owner or manager and have a “to do” list a mile long that you dread or don’t have time to do? Having troubles finding an employee that enjoys their work, shows up on time with a great attitude, shares ideas, designs solutions, while maintaining an exceptional work ethic? That’s where my help comes in.


Organize communication via email & phone calls


Organize meetings


Book appointments and follow up


Manage contact list


Provide customer service


Create & review customer spreadsheets & keep online records


Conduct research and organize data


Prepare presentations

On-Site Services:


Host client events


Pick up & deliver weekly supplies for kitchen & office


Commercial cleaning (limited availability)

Coaching Services

Dreading Sunday night because of workday Monday? Wishing you had more time to spend on what really matters? Tired of taking your kids to daycare for long hours? Dreaming of a work/life balance? Let me help you design your small business!


One-on-one coaching


Monthly mentoring program


Team-building workshop


Design your dream workshop

Get To Know Me

LaVonna Willingham

Springtime is my favorite

I love starting my day on the front porch, sipping coffee and spending quality time with my hubby

There’s nothing better than hugs, kisses and sweet giggles from my grands

I started my first business at age 10 and realized at that moment, I could turn my ideas and passions into something people wanted or needed.

Over the years, I’ve sold products I believed in, had many side hustles and started a few businesses, all the while coaching a few others along the way. In 2014 the company I was working for lost their cleaning crew. I saw a need and formed L&L Cleaning Co. From there it stayed a side hussle until 2019, when I decided to run it full time. Fast forward to 2023. I’ve caught a new vision, expanded my services and rebranded the business.

Now, I’m on a mission to help others catch their vision and fulfill their purpose.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive”

– Howard Thurman

Love From My Clients


LaVonna is amazing! Her passion and mentorship motivated me to start my own business. Forever grateful for her guidance!

Amanda Burns

Owner, Busy Bee

I love working with LaVonna. She helps me organize and implement ideas and plans. She follows up and you can count on her to show up and do whatever she has committed to. And the best part is that she does all of this enthusiastically so she’s a joy to work with!

Stacey Allgood

Owner, Jonquil Place

LaVonna has been an amazing coach for us. She has been a wealth of knowledge and has gone out of her way to mentor us. Because of her coaching, we have the foundational tools needed to be successful.

Nicole Coomer

Owner, Coomer Cleaning & Co.

LaVonna is a true blessing in my life. She is the go between, the buffer, the glue that the practice, practitioners and patients need and appreciate. She’s a pro at the backend and customer service. So grateful that she’s part of the team in making our work and our lives so much more joyful!

Kay Corpus, MD

Owner, Soul of Medicine

It was such a relief to have someone like LaVonna to call and support our team while we were stretched beyond capacity. She is a can-do trouble-shooter, whose experience and problem-solving ability allows her to rise to the challenge of any task or project.

Monica Bilak

Founder, Sprocket

Focus On Your Business

and let me handle the busyness

L&L Business Services